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Rodent pests are a nuisance in your home, but did you know they are more of a problem than that? Rodents can carry disease, contaminate food, and damage the structure of your home with their gnawing and chewing. The best course of action is prevention, but that is not always possible. Experts at fitting into tiny spaces, you may not even know how these pests are entering your home. Pest Control Now has the expertise to not only rid your home of these rodents, but also find their source of entry. We can identify and help you eliminate their points of entry in order to prevent future infestations. Our Pest Experts can also give you tips on providing an uninhabitable environment for rodents. We understand that a rodent infestation is stressful and we will work diligently to rid your home in a timely manner. You can trust our team with all your pest removal needs!

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No matter the pest, Pest Control Now has you covered. We offer prompt and thorough service. We start each appointment by listening to your concerns and determining your goals. We then use our training and expertise to determine the best method to remove your unwanted pests. Your safety and satisfaction are the goals in every plan we put together. Before beginning any work, we will explain the plan and costs. We will never try to sell you something you do not need and we will never charge you more than we discuss. Fair and upfront pricing is one way we set ourselves apart from the competition. Our Pest Experts are fully trained and licensed and will provide prompt and courteous service. We understand it is a privilege that you let us in your homes and we treat it as such. Should you ever be in the need for pest removal – Pest Control Now has you covered!
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