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Southcentral California is home to all sorts of bugs, rodents, and other pests. Do not wait until a pest has done damage to your property to take control! Pest Control Now offers preventive treatment plans for your convenience. Maybe you have had a problem in the past and want to make sure it does not come back. Or maybe you just want to make sure your home is bug-free. Either way, Pest Control Now can tailor a plan to fit your needs and your property. We can treat homes old or new, and large or small. Our plans can treat only bugs or all types of pests! Whatever your needs, Pest Control Now can help. Backed with our complete customer satisfaction, you cannot go wrong with a preventive treatment plan from Pest Control Now!
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Successful Preventive Treatment Plans

The best way to ensure you never have an infestation in your home is to start a preventive treatment plan today! Our plans are custom to fit your home, your family, and your goals. When we arrive, we will conduct an evaluation of your home and provide our best solutions for a successful preventive treatment plan. Our technicians are thoroughly trained in all pest prevention options and can offer you the best solution for our home. We will provide an up-front quote and explain all the charges in detail. When you are ready, we will begin your plan, and you will never have to worry about pests in your home again. Often homeowners do not realize they have an infestation until after there is significant damage either to their structure or their belongings. Protect your investment and start a preventive treatment plan today. With Pest Control Now’s complete No Bug Left Behind Guarantee, you have nothing to lose except the bugs!
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