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Bed bugs are a particularly difficult pest for homeowners to tackle on their own, due to their lifespan and the rate at which they mature. Their breeding grounds are often hard to access and treat properly with DIY methods. Professional bed bug treatment from Pest Control Now detects the presence of bed bugs, eliminates active infestations, kills bed bug eggs, and stops reinfestation.
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  • Limit disruption to your homeLimit disruption to your home
  • DIY treatmentsAvoid time-consuming, ineffective DIY treatments
  • Protect your belongingsProtect your belongings
  • Prevent the spread of bed bugs from your homePrevent the spread of bed bugs from your home
  • Eliminate painful bitesEliminate painful bites
  • Address hidden & difficult to reach areasAddress hidden & difficult to reach areas

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  • Professional pest control techniciansProfessional pest control technicians
  • Inspection & comprehensive treatment solutionsInspection & comprehensive treatment solutions
  • Ongoing monitoring with follow-up visitsOngoing monitoring with follow-up visits
  • Fast resolution of bed bug problemsFast resolution of bed bug problems
  • Effective treatment methodsEffective treatment methods
  • Treatment solutions to protect furnishings & possessionsTreatment solutions to protect furnishings & possessions

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Save Money, Save Time & Stop Bed Bug Infestations Sooner

Unfortunately, some homeowners turn to DIY treatment methods when they realize bed bugs are present in the home. Such measures are typically ineffective, as they often miss key breeding areas. Homeowners end up wasting time and money on DIY treatments, only to have to call in the pros later – at this point, the infestation has likely become more significant. Pest Control Now gets to work addressing bed bug infestations right away. If you suspect bed bugs in your Southcentral California home, our trained pest control experts perform a thorough inspection to identify the presence of pests. Once a bed bug infestation is confirmed, we develop a treatment plan that addresses the severity of your bed bug infestation. Our technicians get to work treating your home and the structural areas where bed bugs like to hide, as well as within your possessions. Treatment options include pesticide application, isolation methods that create a barrier between bed bugs and your possessions, heat treatment, and freezing.
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