Ways to Make Your Home Rodents-Proof

Whether you’ve already found signs of rodents in your home or you just fear to stumble across one, you need to take action. Unless you take the steps to make your home rodent-proof, you could end up with mice or rat infestation. Find out everything you need to know about preventing rodents from entering your home. For more information about rodent control, Visalia pest control experts at Pest Control Now can help.

Tips for Rodent-Proofing Your Home

There’s no guaranteed way to keep rodents out of your home. The best way to prevent an infestation is to work with a pest extermination service. However, there are several actions you can take to limit the chance of rodents taking over your home. All of the following ways may deter rodents and keep your home safe from the unwanted intruders:

Maintain a Clean Yard

If there are rodents in your yard, they are likely to find their way into your home. Once temperatures begin to drop, they will look for shelter inside your home. By keeping rodents out of your yard, you can keep them out of your home. Rodent prevention begins with cleaning up yard debris. If there’s any debris, mice and rats could use it as shelter. Remove old appliances, car parts, and other items from your yard. Take it to your local dump or hire someone to haul it away. Man-made debris isn’t the only issue. If you have piles of wood, leaves, or mulch, rodents will find their way into your yard. Eliminate all of your yard waste or move it as far as possible from your home. The further the debris is from your home, the less likely it is that rodents will go indoors. Maintaining a clean yard also means mowing your lawn and trimming your bushes. Once things begin to get out of control, wildlife will move in. In addition to preventing rodents, maintaining your yard also makes your property more appealing.

Eliminate Access Points

By reducing or eliminating rodent entrances to your home, you can prevent infestation. One common way for rodents to get indoors is by climbing on branches that extend onto your roof. If you have any branches that touch your home, trim them back. You should also seal up cracks and crevices around your home. Although some rodents are large in size, many species of rodents are small enough to fit through small holes. For instance, a mouse can fit through a hole that’s as small as a dime. Even when a hole is too small to fit through, a rodent will gnaw at it and make it large enough to become an entrance. Do a thorough inspection of your home and check for small openings. When you find one, seal it off tightly. Be thorough in your search, or your home will be at risk. Be especially vigilant in areas where utility wires and pipes enter your home. Check your screens for openings and patch up any holes. 

Remove Access to Food

For rodents to survive, they need food and water. While it may be impossible to remove all sources of water from your property, it’s a little easier to remove their access to food.  First, be certain that there is no outdoor food available to rodents. They are often attracted to pet food, bird food, and trash. If you store pet food outside, keep it sealed in a container. Buy trash cans that have sealed lids, or they will be a beacon to rodents.  Secondly, keep your home free of rodent food. Vacuum, sweep and mop your floors on a regular basis. This will limit crumbs, which will limit rodents. Avoid letting your dishes sit in the sink overnight, or they will also attract mice and rats. Generally, dry goods in pantries attract rodents. Prevent rodents by storing your food in rodent-proof containers. Keep in mind that rodents have sharp teeth and are able to bite through cardboard. For effective rodent control, Visalia residents should use sturdy and well-sealed containers.

Reduce Moisture in and Around Your Home

Limiting the moisture in your home or yard could deter rodents. After all, they need water to survive and to breed. In your yard, remove all traces of standing water. This means dumping over empty cans and pots.  In your home, repair all of your leaking pipes and clogged drains. The water will be another reason for rodents to take up residence in your home. 

Why is Rodent Control so Important?

Not all people are afraid of rodents. Rather, some think of them as cute and cuddly creatures. Despite your feelings on rodents, the facts remain the same. They are dangerous to your health and your home, so you should do your best to prevent them from moving in. For one, rodents have the ability to cause significant damage to your property. As they gnaw on your structural supports, water pipes, and siding, they damage your home. Rats are particularly notorious for their ability to chew through the lead sheathing and aluminum siding. Rodents also carry disease. Hantavirus, E. coli, and Salmonella are only some of the diseases carried by rodents. At times, the disease is transmitted through a bite. That said, the disease can also be transmitted through food contamination.  Finally, rodents cost you money on food contamination. Once a rodent gets into your food, there’s no saving it. You may need to replace all of the dry goods in your pantry, and that cost can add up. 

Your Best Defense Against Rodents

You should be able to rest and relax in your home. But if you have a rodent infestation, there won’t be much of either. You need a pest extermination service to help you take back your home from unwanted pests. Instead of depending on your own pest prevention methods to keep rodents away, you can turn to a more reliable source. For rodent control, Visalia residents should consider working with Pest Control Now. Our experts know what it takes to prevent and eliminate rodents. Call us today to learn more.