Types of Pests and the Best Pest Control in Visalia, CA

Types of Pests and the Best Pest Control in Visalia, CA

Home is where we should feel the safest. It’s a place where we enjoy warm coffee, our favorite shows, and comfort food. Unwanted guests can easily ruin this perfect scenario when they enter your home. Some of these so-called unwanted guests are pests. They come in many forms and exist even in the most beautiful parts of the world.

The Popularity of Visalia, CA

Visalia is popular for its crops such as almonds, grapes, walnuts and more. Do you dream of living in a place like this because of its beauty? Imagine having abundant crops that can feed your family. However, just like other cities, there are some complaints about pests destroying crops and bothering homes. It’s becoming one of the daily headaches that seem to have no solution. Coming up with a solution is half the battle and the first step is to identify the problem. Read on to identify different types of pests and how to get rid of them.

Most Common Types of Pests Found in California

Pests are some of the most threatening problems every home encounters. he following are the most common that you can find in California.
  1. Termites – These pests are undeniably one of the worst that you can find in every home. They are the number one destroyer of furniture as they are social insects that live in groups. They usually feed on wood, leaf litter, and soil. They can quickly get into your favorite sofa and make it their next meal.
  2. Ants – These tiny pests can be be found anywhere. Most people think they appear because of crumbs of food but that’s not always the case. They can appear because of the weather, like when it’s hot and dry or you can also see them when it’s cold and wet.
  3. Cockroaches – These pests are versatile insects. They can contaminate food and destroy fabric or paper. Cockroaches can also be dangerous to your health because they carry bacteria that may trigger asthma or allergies.
  4. Rodents – Rats, for example, are considered a pest because they consume and destroy food. A lot of households find it hard to get rid of these pests because they’re fast and usually lurk in the dark. They can live for up to two years and they’ve existed for 160 million years on Earth.
  5. Bed Bugs – Another common type of pest are bed bugs. They can live in any environment and they are visible to the naked eye. You’d likely be able to see them on your bed mattress and other furnishings.
  6. Mosquitoes – Mosquitoes live around stagnant waters and their bites are annoying, sometimes even painful. They feed on blood – humans and pets alike. It’s wise to be careful and take preventative measures when it comes to these pests, as they carryserious diseases..
  7. Flies – are one of the most common types of pests in the house. They lay eggs on wet, decaying organic matter. These pests carry harmful viruses that can impact you and others in your home.
  8. Fleas – most people think that fleas only live on pets but what’s alarming is they can also live on humans. In order to curb theses pests from spreading into your house consider a flea collar for your outdoor animals.
  9. Dust Mites – these pests aren’t visible but they still pose a threat. They can trigger allergic reactions or stir up asthma symptoms. Dust mites don’t pose an invasive threat but they can wreak havoc in your lungs. t10. Spiders – poisonous or not, spiders are common in households. They can bite, spin webs and spread to other parts of your home.
The pests mentioned above are considered the most common and dangerous around California. If these pests bring stress into your life look for ways to rid them from your personal spaces.

How To Keep Your Home Safe

Your home is your sanctuary that must always be safe from any kind of harm. One of the many harms that can make your home unsafe is pests and the viruses they carry. These tiny insects can be invasive without you even knowing. Identify the pest, come up with a solution and control your space. If uninvited insects invade your home consider these useful tips to prevent them:
  1. Check your home seasonally.  Some pests seek shelter on a seasonal basis. For instance, rodents look for shelter during the winter season. For this reason, it’s essential to check some areas in your home that may be an entry point for tiny animals. Even the smallest cracks and openings can be an invitation to pests. Seal any openings and patch any holes leading to the outside or attic area.
  2. Keep piles of wood away from your home.  Insects, like ants, love the smell of wood and the moisture they get from it. For this reason, keep woodpiles away from openings like windows because they can use these piles of wood as an entryway into your home.
  3. Clean your kitchen.  Pests look for food so you should clean your surfaces, wash dishes as soon as possible and sweep your floors. These simple things will likely reduce the allure of a home to pests.
  4. Call the experts.  There are instances when you can no longer control pests. If this happens you should immediately call Pest Control Now in Visalia, CA. We will help you get rid of the pests so your family will be safe from any harm that pests may bring.
Keep your home safe and pest-free with Pest Control Now’s services, you can call us at 559-205-9176. We understand how much you value your home. For this reason, we will do our best to keep pests away from your premises.  We guarantee it!