Roach Infestation in Your Kitchen: How Your Visalia, CA Exterminator Can Help

Roaches are not only gross to look at, but they’re a fast-reproducing pest that can spread dangerous diseases. According to recent data, four cities in California ranked among the top roach-infested places in the United States. 

If you’re dealing with a roach infestation in your kitchen, it’s important to nip the problem in the bud as soon as possible.

Read on for more information about roaches and how our pest control company in Visalia, CA can help you eradicate these horrible pests once and for all.

Do You Have a Roach Infestation in Your Kitchen?

Before we discuss the process of extermination and some preventative maintenance tips, let’s go over what an infestation entails. There are several signs that you may have a roach infestation in your kitchen.

While the sight of just one roach is more than enough, it doesn’t always mean you have an infestation. However, if you see roaches during the day and the night, then there’s a good chance you’re dealing with a serious problem. Roaches are generally nocturnal, so if they appear during the daytime, there are likely more than just a few living in your home.

Another telltale sign of a major problem is you see roach droppings or egg casings with the naked eye. These typically look like tiny dark granules or smeared black splotches. If you notice either of these, it means that the pests have started breeding somewhere in your abode. 

Signs of egg casings or masses of eggs are a major issue, as it means that they’ve begun reproducing in droves. If your neighbors tell you they’re dealing with roaches, it could mean you are, too (or you will be soon). Even if you don’t live in a condo or apartment, nearby homes could have a roach infestation that can quickly spread to yours.

Roaches secret a strong chemical marker with a unique odor. If you notice a mold-like smell that seemingly came out of nowhere, it could mean that you have a roach infestation in your kitchen.

Why Kitchens?

Some species of roaches can thrive in any environment, so why do they tend to flock to kitchens? First, small crumbs and food particles are a big attractant to hungry roaches. These scavengers will look for food anywhere they can find it, and kitchens are a sure bet.

By nature, roaches tend to look for two things: water and food. Faucets, sinks, and many kitchen appliances are a treasure trove of moisture for these pests, especially if you’re dealing with undetected leaks.

You’ll want to get our Visalia, CA pest control technicians in your home as soon as possible to stop the infestation and help prevent the spread of disease. Roaches can spread many different types of bacteria, most notably E. coli and salmonella.

Preventative Maintenance

Now that you know more about roaches, let’s go over some things you can do to help prevent them from invading your home. First, look for leaks under sinks and appliances and get them repaired as soon as possible. This simple step will help to eliminate their easy access to a water supply.

It’s also important to keep food sealed in an airtight container and to put leftovers in the fridge immediately. Clean up spills from your countertops and flooring as soon as they occur so they don’t leave residue behind.

Speaking of food, you should also make sure that your trash is thrown away and taken outside daily. Store all trash in secure outdoor receptacles as far away from your home as possible.

Aside from the kitchen, it’s important to eliminate clutter throughout your home. Roaches like to nest and breed in dark places like piles of clothing or stacks of old newspapers.

DIY Solutions

You can easily purchase a variety of store-bought roach sprays to get rid of roaches, but there are also a few safer DIY solutions. First, try sprinkling boric acid around the perimeter of your home and in the kitchen to kill roaches on contact.

A mixture of 10 drops of peppermint oil with one cup of water makes a terrific pest-repelling spray. You can also use a bit of sugar to lure cockroaches mixed with baking soda, which will help to kill them. Fabric softener mixed with water can kill some roaches when it’s sprayed on them directly.

How Our Vasilia, CA Extermination Services Can Help

Your home is your sanctuary, so you certainly don’t want to have to deal with roaches anywhere, including the kitchen. When you choose our Vasilia, CA extermination company to help, we’ll make sure we get rid of these pests for good.

Our skilled team will perform free consultations to help you come up with a customized treatment plan. Once we develop a plan, we’ll get right to work to help you eliminate these nasty pests once and for all.

We use a safe and thorough process that not only kills roaches but also keeps them out of your home in the future. Our No Bug Left Behind Guarantee ensures that you won’t see any more. And, if you do, we promise that we will make it right.

Don’t depend on just anyone to help you get rid of a roach infestation in your kitchen. Choose a team of skilled professionals who are familiar with these pests in Vasilia, CA, and who understand the best and most effective methods to remove them.

If you ever run into a problem with roaches after we’ve performed our pest control methods, we’re just a phone call away. It’s important to choose a company you can count on to make sure that you’re getting rid of these nasty pests safely and effectively. 

Say Goodbye to Roaches Forever

If you’re dealing with a roach infestation in your kitchen, don’t try to tackle the problem alone. Choose a pest control company that cares about your safety and your satisfaction.

At Pest Control Now, we specialize in a variety of pests throughout the Vasilia, CA area. Give us a call today for free estimates and to find out more.